Ryan Boone, Developer

Hello. I'm Ryan.

I am a Fort Worth-based designer and front-end developer seeking opportunities to learn, grow, and do meaningful work. Current obsessions include all things JavaScript, stupid trivia, and Stranger Things.


One common question I get asked is: After a decade and a half in a predominantly print-related career field, why make the jump to front-end development? For me, it’s been less of a leap and more a continuous journey of pursuing my curiosity and passion for creative problem solving. It started in college, where I was in a band with big dreams and a tiny budget. We wanted to promote our new album and concerts with a website, so I got a book on Flash and hacked away.

Whether it was learning to listen to customers’ needs as a salesman, or learning to deal with a fast-paced environment and rapidly iterate as a designer at a newspaper, I’ve learned something valuable from every stop along my journey. I love solving problems and I love continually learning, two things that have led me to pursue front-end development. What follows is a brief summary of that journey.




Is there something I haven’t answered? Please drop me a line in the form below and ask me anything. I promise to get back with you as soon as possible.

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